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SPARHAWK Aspirin Powder, 1 lb for Animal use only

List price: $12.45

6 new available from $9.79.

Aspirin Pure Acetylsalicylic Acid in powder form. Aids in the relief of minor muscular aches, joint pains, reducing fever, inflammation and pain associated with arthritis or exercise. Can be used as a top dress on the normal feed ration. Dosage Cattle, Horses: 5-60gm Calves, Foals: 0.5 - 6.0 gm Sheep, Swine: 1-3 gm Poultry: 0.15% in Ration 16 oz Bag 1oz = 28.35 gm 15gm = 1 Tablespoon...

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Exo Terra Plantation Soil, 8-Quart

List price: $9.00

6 new available from $4.67.

Exo Terra Plantation Soil Tropical Terrarium Substrate is made from compressed coconut husk fiber from the plantations of tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals. Exo Terra Plantation Soil Tropical Terrarium Substrate can also be used as an incubation medium because of its...

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Planet Pleasures Firecracker Pinata Bird Toy, Medium

List price: $12.18

2 new available from $11.50.

Planet Pleasures Firecracker Pi├▒ata Bird Toy. Natural stuffed woven palm leaf material with chewing surprises for your bird. Shred able toy full of exciting stimulating shapes to keep your bird busy. Birds are inquisitive and search under the crunchy shell for what is waiting for them....

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Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds 5 Lb

List price: $10.99

1 new available from $10.99.

Great Companions Sunflower Seeds are all birds' favorite. Delightfully delicious and naturally high in protein and energy. Mix them in with other Great Companions seeds, fruits and nuts to add variety to meals and treats. Our seeds are minimally processed to retain natural nutrition. Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds are rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as many essential minerals that play a v...

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Millers Forge Stainless Steel Pins Designer Series Soft Slicker Pet Grooming Brush, Large

List price: $17.06

7 new available from $12.24.

Millers Forge designer series soft slicker pet grooming brush feature sleek european styling, an extremely light handle shaped for comfort and high-quality stainless steel pins. These Millers Forge pet grooming brush are a favorite with groomers. Featherweight lightness helps reduce hand fatigue. Comes in large size. Overall brushhead measures are 4-3/4-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width and pin surf...

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Mendota British Show Slip Lead, Black, 1/8" by 54"

List price: $10.16

6 new available from $8.79.

Simplicity at its best! Soft on the hands, easy to use and pliable enough to fit in your pocket. Mendota's flagship product, used for many years by trainers and handlers, is now adapted for exercise, training and field use. Having the leash and collar in one design allows for correction and ease of use. The adjustable leather slide prevents the lead from slipping off, yet allows it to be released ...

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Exo Terra Silk Terrarium Plant, Large, Abutilon

List price: $18.99

6 new available from $9.99.

The Exo Terra Abutilon Silk Terrarium Plant is an exact replica of its natural counterparts and is easier to maintain. The vibrant green color and shine these leaves have will make your reptile believe it is the real thing. This plant offers the same advantages as live plants whether the purpose is decorative, creating hiding spots, or enlarging the dwelling area. The plants are easy to clean and ...

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Pet Form Chewable Tabs - 50

List price: $9.35

5 new available from $7.20.

Unsurpassed palatability Nutritional balance to any pet food Eleven essential vitamins Eight required minerals including zinc Supplemental protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids Available in 50, 150 and 500 count bottles VET-A-MIX offers a complete line of quality, research-proven chewable nutritional supplements and drug dosage forms. These tablets are formulated in a palatable flavored ba...

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KVP Extra Strong Durable Cat and Dog Leads, Quick Slip Tough Braided Rope Leash, Easy Over The Head For Instant Control, General Purpose Animal Control Leads (12 Pack)

List price: $12.64

4 new available from $12.64.

KVP Animal Control Lead is great for all general leash purposes. The non-abrasive texture is comfortable for pets, with a two-tone blue & white finish is color fast and won't absorb liquids....

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Miracle Care K-P Anti-Diarrhea Liquid 4oz

List price: $5.69

15 new available from $5.55.

Quickly helps sooth upset stomach and symptoms from diarrhea in pets. Also available in a kit with a 2 oz. bottle...

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